Benefits of Gardening in Early Childhood

Gardening in early childhood has amazing benefits for the rest of a child’s life. Not only does gardening teach children more about the outdoors it also teachers them math, science, reading, and more. There is also so much sensory output in the garden that stimulates a child’s brain connections. Kids breathe in the fresh air, experience weather, practice balance, and develop motor skills when using tools and grasping seeds. You are also encouraging healthy eating habits. Kids are more likely to try and taste what they help grow.

Gardening encourages curiosity as they watch wat happens when they plant seeds and watch plants grow. This teaches patience and delays gratification. Gardening teaches a lot of emotional development as they learn about failure and disappointment as well as success. They also learn about the plant’s needs which helps them learn about other living thing’s needs. Learning to take care of a living thing has untold benefits.

So let’s take a look at what more of these benefits from gardening can be:

  • Getting the chance to observe textures, smells, tastes, sounds, and all different colors.
  • A new area to learn problem solving and develop their math and science skills not only by the plants but also through bugs and other animals.
  • Exploring reading and writing by
  • Exercise and growing your gross motor skills by digging, raking, etc.
  • Teachers children about the environment and how to respect and appreciate nature.
  • Taking care of plants and growing healthy foods will build a child’s confidence.

Overall, children learn responsibility, love of nature, discovery, reasoning, cooperation, creativity, understanding, and even about nutrition from growing a garden in their early childhood program. At The Learning Tree we have gardens at each of our centers and during the warmer months we add in gardening into our lesson plans and allow the children to explore and help maintain our gardens!

We will be kicking off our gardens in just a few short weeks to celebrate Earth Day and we couldn’t be more excited. Be sure to check out our Newsletter and Social Media pages to stay up to date with our gardening and how our children are doing with their gardens!