Grow With Us At Home

Welcome to our virtual curriculum!

Grow With Us At Home

Welcome to our virtual curriculum!

This curriculum was developed with 3 goals in mind:

Stay connected and
engaged with children

Support parents while they navigate a new normal

a community resource to keep children learning

What's Included:

Weekly Lesson Plans

We create weekly lesson plans that are emailed with links to every virtual curriculum activity. Each day, the classrooms meets 3 times; 2 LIVE Zooms and 1 pre-recorded activity. Our lesson plans include materials needed, all to be found at home, so that children can explore and learn right there with their virtual teacher.

Full Video Access

Our YouTube Channel also becomes a recourse of activities to do anytime at home! While we suggest keeping a consistent daily routine with these, we know that is not always possible. Our parents have access to our Youtube Channel that includes all of the LIVE zoom sessions and all pre-recorded curriculum activities.

Partner in Play

Each activity is planned so that parents can partner with their child together, or it can be done independently so that parents can work from home, take care of tasks or just enjoy some time to themselves. We have continued to build trust and relationships through technology, and promise to serve children with high-quality curriculum.

Meet our Virtual Teachers

Virtual Learning Package Options

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Interested in our Lesson Plan?

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