A Way to Give Back

As the Holiday season is quickly approaching, quality family time is near and memories with loved ones will soon be made; it’s what the month of December is all about! The Learning Tree also recognizes this as a time of giving!

In early 2017 we partnered with Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac and have been able to bless them at multiple times throughout the year. We have provided them with healthy snacks for the children at their child care center, purchased items for the school age children to have an amazing summer, stocked their diaper and wipe inventory and  have supplied them with new educational toys for their play areas, child care center, and store so residents are able to buy birthday presents for their children at a discounted rate. During this holiday season we are excited to partner with you to continue to bless them and ensure that the children of the residents have their BEST holiday yet!

Grace Centers of Hope was established in 1942 and is a recovery and rehabilitation center that is provided to all individuals in need, including men, women, and children. They have an amazing recovery center for both women and men that includes housing, counseling, food, a child care center and mentoring in life skills. After visiting the organization and meeting with their administrators we learned that it takes $7,000,000 per year to successfully run the organization, and unlike most charitable organizations, they do not receive any state and/or federal funding.

So here is where we need you and your child’s help…  beginning Monday, December 2nd you will find a Christmas tree in the lobby decorated with tags listing specific items needed for the children. As you are dropping off or picking up your little one please take a moment to stop by the tree and take a tag (or two!). As you are out and about shopping, pick up those items that you selected and place them under the Christmas Tree in the lobby, attach the tag the items go with– please do not wrap the items. It’s our goal to provide each child with a new pair of cozy pajamas, a new book, a pair of slippers, and a brand new stuffed animal and a new paid of pajamas and slippers for each teacher in their child care center. Since all 5 Learning Trees are partnering together, we have no doubt that we will be able to supply all of these items for these amazing 109 children and 11 teachers.

Please drop off your donations under our lobby’s Christmas tree by Friday, December 13th!  We will be delivering these items personally the next week so the children will have them for Christmas.