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The Learning Tree is an eco-friendly early childhood center, focused on providing only the best.

our commitments to our core values

our commitments to our core values

Serving a Fresh Organic Menu

Serving a Fresh Organic Menu
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Investing in Our Teacher's Future

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Teaching a Green Lifestyle

Teaching a Green Lifestyle
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Putting Families First

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Creating a Safe Environment

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Growing Lifelong Learners

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The Learning Tree was founded by Carol Gatewood in 1982. We now have 5 locations, more than 120 employees and teach over 600 children each year.

Though we’ve grown, the 1-1 attention and family-like feel is as prevalent today as it was with Carol’s first school.

Carol is actively involved in quality assurance and improvements with our entire team of employees. She has a passion for mentoring people to their fullest potential.

Carol first opened The Learning Tree to provide her own children with a quality and healthy early childhood experience while she was a busy, working mom.

Carol’s grandchildren have also attended The Learning Tree.

Her love for her family feeds our culture and inspires the staff to assure each child, parent and teacher is treated like a family member here!

Carol continues to mentor both Regional Directors, Karen Ballard and Andrea Brown, as they both lead and manage the daily operations and quality at all locations.

Today, The Learning Tree has expanded to five centers: three in Livonia, one in Howell and one in South Lyon.

It is our mission to stay true to our Core Values so that every child, employee and parent has a high-quality experience at The Learning Tree.

Every decision we make, we keep our Core Values as our top priority. Our six Core Values include; Creating a Safe Environment, Teaching a Green Lifestyle, Growing Lifelong Learners, Putting Families First, Investing In Our Teacher’s Future, Serving a Fresh Organic Menu.

Growing Lifelong Learners Through Curriculum

The center believes that Highscope Curriculum teaches children the foundation to be successful in their early learning years. Developing a love for learning is our goal!

Teaching A Green Lifestyle Through Example

We do all things the most natural way possible, that means no harsh chemicals, no materials that are harmful to the environment, and teaching our children to leave a positive impact on the earth.​

Putting Families First Is Top-Priority

As a family-owned company, we understand how important it is to feel a part of your little one’s life and have a say over things—even when you are busy at work. That is why we will always do our best to make sure your needs are met!​

Trusted Measures Create a Safe Environment

The center partners with a national security company, SEC, to assure all safety policies and procedures are in place. Nothing is more important than the safety of your child.

A Center That Invests In The Future Of Teachers

We are invested in making sure our teachers have room to grow with our Career Ladder Program and have several opportunities for teachers to learn and grow. We are passionate about providing a positive work environment for our employees.​

A Fresh Organic Menu Is Part Of Your Child's Day

Parents find only the freshest, healthiest homemade foods being served to your child in our centers!

Our Programs

6 weeks to 12 months

12 months to 2 years

2 1/2 to 3 and potty trained

3 and potty trained to 4 years

4 and 5 years old

(at Howell, North and South only)
4 year old state-funded program