Livonia West

Off The Beaten Path, And Simply Amazing

A half mile from I-275 off of Seven Mile Road, Livonia- West is pushed back far from the road down a long drive. This ensures safety, a large area for the children to play outside, and convenience for our hard-working families on the go.

A Germ-Free Environment Protects Your Child's Health

The Learning Tree is the first childcare center to use a ZONO-Machine to sanitize and clean all materials and cut down on illness, too.

Have Peace Of Mind With A Highly Secure Building

Parents and staff enter the building through a fingerprint security system. We use a ticket system for children to enter and exit the classroom. Parents provide teachers with a ticket once children are signed in, to let our teachers know, ‘this child is safe to enter and exit my care!’

A Vegetable Garden And Greenhouse Children Love

Children play outside all year round! For our spring and summer months, we have a large vegetable garden for the children to help take care of, as well as a greenhouse. Our playground and yard areas offer plenty of opportunities for nature exploration.

Children Stay Active In A Gross Motor Room

When weather pushes our kids indoors, they still have a place to free play in our Gross Motor room, Tree Town. It’s the perfect way for kids to practice and stretch their physical abilities in a safe and fun environment.