A Beautifully Designed Center Ideal For Growth

In close proximity to I-96 off of Grand River, our beautifully designed Howell location is perfect for the working parent on the go. With a large fenced in playground and finger-print access only entrance, parents can take comfort in knowing their most precious belongings are safe in our care.

Top-Tier Security Measures Keep Children Safe

Our parents and staff enter the building through a fingerprint security system. We use a ticket system for children to enter and exit the classroom. Parents provide teachers with a ticket once children are signed in, to let our teachers know, ‘this child is safe to enter and exit my care!’

Daily Sanitization Protects Immune Systems

The Learning Tree is the first childcare center to use a ZONO-Machine to sanitize and clean all materials and cut down on illness, too. Along with our ZONO sanitizer, we use all green cleaning products; Terafore.

Year-Round Play And A Garden Children Adore

Children play outside all year round! For our spring and summer months, we have a large garden for the children to help take care of. Our playground and yard areas offer plenty of opportunities for nature exploration.