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Meet Sarah Remmer, RD

Sarah Remmer
Sarah Remmer

A Little About Sarah

Hello families! My name is Sarah Remmer, and I’m a registered dietitian (since 2006) mom of 3 and the proud founder and President of The Centre for Family Nutrition, a Calgary-based nutrition counselling practice that specializes in prenatal, infant and child nutrition. I lead a team of amazing dietitian moms who help families like yours with feeding and nutrition struggles.

I’m also a writer and speaker and spend a lot of my time creating nutrition content for parents, caregivers, teachers and other health professionals, developing recipes, and presenting on topics related to nutrition and feeding. I work with organizations, commodity groups and brands that align with my values as a mom and dietitian.

I also published my first book with Appetite by Random House in early 2021, entitled Food to Grow On, The Ultimate Guide to Childhood Nutrition—from Pregnancy to Packed Lunches. It’s an easy-to-navigate guidebook for parents that answers every nutrition question from prenatal to school-aged!

Sarah’s Food Philosophy

I want parents to feel a sense of relief, peace of mind, community and support when it comes to feeding their children. My nutrition philosophy is rooted in Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility in Feeding, The Intuitive Eating Approach, and the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach. Simply put, I have dedicated my career to combating diet culture and to helping parents feel supported to raise children who trust their bodies, enjoy a variety of foods mindfully and who have a positive relationship with food and body long term, so they can fully bloom in all areas of life.

How Sarah Helps The Learning Tree Families

I am thrilled to be the lead consulting dietitian for The Learning Tree. It is an honour to be a part of shaping your child’s food journey (and maybe even your own!) in some way. Here are some of the ways I offer support to families of The Learning Tree:

Quarterly Workshops

I provide quarterly live workshops to parents and caregivers. In these sessions, I answer all your burning questions about hot-button topics such as picky eating, meal planning and so much more.

Private Resources Page

To help you on your feeding journey, I’ve created a private resource page exclusively for The Learning Tree families. Here you will find my tried-and-true menu plans, kid-approved recipes, and handy printables for snack ideas, lunches and more. I also share my most helpful blog posts on all things picky eating. This is also where you can find the recordings to the live workshops to access at any time. Access the private resource page here:

Lesson Plans

Have you noticed your child buzzing about the food activities they did or the food they explored? Well, that’s because each week, I’ve created fun and engaging food exploration lesson plans that the lovely staff facilitate with your little one. From Apricots to Zucchini, your child is given the opportunity to explore food in a non-judgmental, pressure-free, and—most importantly—a fun way! These are the ingredients needed to help children learn about food in a meaningful way.

Social Media

If you follow The Learning Tree on social media, you may have noticed yours truly contribute helpful food and nutrition tips every week. Feel free to engage and ask questions!

Menu Planning

It’s no surprise that as a dietitian, I love food. I plan the meal and snack menus for The Learning Tree to ensure they offer a wide variety and balance of foods to keep tummies satisfied.

More Help with Feeding Your Family

Helping families with feeding is my passion. But this feeding gig is hard! If you require more guidance or have questions, please contact my team and I at The Centre For Family Nutrition.

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