Four and Five Years



We Build Their Confidence, Socialization Skills, And Knowledge - This Is The Time To Set Your Child Up For Future Academic Success.


Four Years



We Build Their Confidence, Socialization Skills, And Knowledge - This Is The Time To Set Your Child Up For Future Academic Success.

pre-K | 4 years | Serving Livonia, MI

Our Pre-K Classroom is designed for children who are 4 years old. Pre-K has a structured daily routine with more focus on emergent writing and phonics.

The routine is set day to day, with a consistent schedule that allows children to recognize and be aware of what events are going to take place. Each part of the day is signified by our curriculum and includes a variety of choices for children to choose from based off of their interests and teachers scaffolding on various learning areas. Teachers use an assessment tool to track developmental areas to set goals and prepare for Kindergarten.

Our typical daily routine includes:

Letter Links Help Build Star Readers

The Letter Links program encourages reading and writing in all kids this age. Letter Links is a Highscope Program that encourages reading beginning with the most important word to each child: their name!

Teachers Track And Support Daily Progress

Yes, this is when we start with the parent-teacher conferences! We use Procare as the assessment tool to track child’s progress. This assessment tool and results are discussed at parent teacher conferences twice a year. While teachers and parents get the opportunity to meet twice per school year, these anecdotal notes and goals are shared often with open communication.

Your Child Learns To Problem-Solve With Practice

Conflict resolution is a process that teaches children how to solve their problems independently. Our pre-k teachers help children recognize when there is a conflict and guides them through the steps to find a solution to the conflict. This five-step learning experience includes asking the child what the problem is, stating the conflict, acknowledging their feelings, asking what the solution may be, and then completing with the resolution.

Small Group Sizes Promote Independent Learning

Group times is an essential part of our daily schedule. During small group time, each child participates in an activity that allows them to have their own materials and choice of how to use them. This is done with their primary caregiver/group. Large group time consists of one activity that the entire classroom engages in together. The difference from preschool to pre-k is that at the pre-k level, the activities will become more challenging to expand their development capabilities.

Writing Activities That Help Develop Fine Motor Skills

Our goal for your pre-k child is to continue developing their established milestones, one of the most significant ones being writing. We will share activities that include using writing tools such as pencils, markers, and crayons to write out words which will continue embracing their fine motor development and hand control.

Teachers Spark A Passion For Math With Lessons

In the pre-k classrooms, you will find math in every area that you see. Each child will have ample opportunities to experience mathematical lessons such as sorting, counting, and classifying with the materials they are given. These learning experiences will also be encouraged continually throughout their group activities.

We ask parents to bring a water bottle, extra clothes on the first day.  Nap Items are needed to; a fitted sheet and a blanket or stuffed animal your child is comfortable with!

We have you covered on food – actually we have a no-external food policy. We have full time chefs onsite to prepare and serve snacks and meals throughout the day. If you have any specific issues please let us know, we’ll work with you.

This is a great opportunity for our teachers to flex their talents. We have a fantastic track record of working with every type of child – to expand their food options. You’ll notice a difference at home too!

Our teachers all meet the standards of Michigan’s Great Start to Quality educational requirements. Lead Teachers have either a Bachelor’s, Associate’s or a CDA. Assistant Teachers have courses or training completed in early childhood education.

While safety and security is a top priority, you can list individuals you give permission to pick up. We will check their ID, give them a guest pass and walk them to the classroom.

On top of a 5 full day orientation, we host trainings one evening a month that always focuses on curriculum or safety topics. Several months throughout the year, we also host lunch trainings that teachers attend on their lunch time. We also provide weekly, on the spot training, from our Curriculum Directors!

Yes! Anytime. We have an open door policy. Please visit, call or email as often as you’d like!

Our pre-k classrooms have one teacher for every twelve children that are present. These ratios are considered and lowered when possible by having more teachers than what is required when possible. This helps better teacher-child interaction and involvement.

At this age, children are constantly on the go, go, go, which leaves their bodies and minds minimal time to relax. This is why we have a designated rest time where children lay down on their cots and either sleep, or engage in quiet activities, to calm and comfort their bodies. This gives our pre-k children time to re-energize themselves and be ready for the fun afternoon that is awaiting them.

Safety is our top priority! We created and implement an allergy procedure that includes a special placemat used for a food allergy. While the child’s picture and allergy information is posted, the child will also use a placemat at all snacks and meal times that alert their allergy. The placemat is a great tool for children to learn about allergies and be aware of allergies. We have received amazing feedback form our state licensing consultants on how well this is implemented in our classrooms!

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

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Teachers are always so nice...

Absolutely love The Learning Tree! Teachers are always so nice and really seem to care about the kids in their classroom. My daughter’s teachers are Jen, Rachelle, and occasionally Monica and we love all three of them. They have an awesome app so you know what activities they did and they send pictures as well. The entire staff is just so kind and caring and that’s what really makes this center stand out. I never feel uneasy about leaving my daughter with them.

Ashley Olsen

I love hearing about all they did that day...

Everyone at The Learning Tree has been wonderful! We have been here for 4 years, with 2 kids and have loved all of our teachers in each age group/room. Ms. Desiree in the Transitional Preschool room is patient, kind, loving, friendly, fun and a great teacher. My son has learned so much from being in her classroom. I love hearing about all they did that day at pick-up. They offer a variety of meals and snacks each week and have great communication with parents. I am so glad we chose The Learning Tree as our daycare/preschool!

Jen Stark

I cannot say enough about the curriculum...

Learning Tree has been such a wonderful foundation to our daughter’s education. The curriculum and activities they provide day-to-day and throughout the year is absolutely wonderful. I cannot say enough great things about the high scope curriculum. I know that both her intellectual and emotional needs are being met. I love that she is enjoying a well-balanced menu with a variety of options. Also, I love that they subscribe to the KidReports app, I get real time info on her daily activities and can see pictures while I am at work.

Kissa DeNeen

My daughter’s days are full of play...

My daughter has been at The Learning Tree West for seven months now. She is so excited to go to school every morning. Her days are full of play, learning and fun with age appropriate, engaging activities. The center provides breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day. I also appreciate the app updates throughout the day, the friendliness of the office staff and the overall cleanliness of the building. Overall, I’m very grateful to have my daughter at The Learning Tree and in the care of some amazing infant teachers each day.

Alyssa Sullivan

Her teachers are so informative and loving...

Being a first time mom, I was extremely nervous about sending our daughter to daycare. From day one, her teachers have been SO informative and loving. Specifically, Ms. Bailey and Ms. Paula. They send updates/pictures all day long through the app and also share a detailed lesson plan for the week! They are so receptive of our requests and happily give us daily updates. My husband and I could not be happier with our decision to entrust The Learning Tree West.

Rachel Katkin

Daily structure with lesson plans is fantastic...

We absolutely LOVE The Learning Tree West! After our tour we knew this was the right fit for our family. They go above and beyond in their cleaning practices and nutritional meals/snacks. Their daily structure with their lesson plans has been fantastic for our toddler. What she has learned in her TPS classroom is absolutely incredible. We are now excited for her new journey in preschool. Enrolling our daughter into their program is the best decision we have made for her start to school.

Ashley Wimberly

He is already speaking in full sentences...

The Learning Tree North has been an amazing experience for my son. Every morning when I drop him off, he is always welcomed with open arms. He is already speaking in full sentences and has so much fun at school. I know now that having him in Ms. Noreen’s class is giving him his best chance and teaching him the skills that I wouldn’t fully be able to teach him on my own. I am grateful for the women that work so hard to take care of our future generation.

Nancy Norman

They always welcome him with a big smile...

Our son Francesco started at the Learning Tree North last April in the toddler 2 classroom. This is the first time in a childcare for him and, since the beginning, Ms Noreen and Ms A’Naya have been nothing but great with him. We are grateful to have them caring for Francesco. They always welcome him with a big smile and they make our drop-offs very easy. We already noticed a lot of development improvements since April. We would recommend Learning Tree to other parents.

Nicola Pisu

The teachers have been absolutely wonderful...

The teachers have been absolutely wonderful and the attention our son is getting makes us feel better about going to work everyday. Learning Tree North has different activities planned every day that helps him grow, learn and develop. Each week there is a different "theme" which we absolutely love. I love the Kid Reports app and can see what he is doing throughout the day. I would highly recommend Learning Tree North to all of my family and friends and hope to see the center continue to run a successful and loveable business.

Chelsea Moreau

Teachers have been helping our children...

My children have been attending the The Learning Tree in South Lyon for about 8 months. All the teachers have been helping our children learn and grow with fun and engaging activities and lesson plans. We love the projects that come home and the activities they do that include the families as well! We feel our children are loved by the teachers and they love the food too that is prepared by Miss Lisa! Thank you to The Learning Tree staff for all that you do!

Nick Stahl

It is clean, staff is friendly and communicates...

We've been here for 6 months now and I love it here. It is clean, staff is friendly and communicates all day via app. I am sent photos, updates etc! They serve only organic food and have a splash pad area outside. The children stay separated by age, even outside. They have daily activities that change every day, and they are active all day! I have recommended this place to multiple people, because I am truly impressed with the quality of care and love that goes toward each child. Thank you Learning Tree for keeping me at ease all day.

Hayley Pierzynski

The teachers have been there for us daily...

We have nothing but good things to say about the staff and education/care they have recieved. The teachers have been there for us daily with a smile. Our daughter's main teacher, Abby, is "my favorite", and our daughter often is excited to see her and tell her about her adventures and good behavior. We credit Abby for her love of books, early reading and writing skills, and kindness with her peers. Our son's main teacher, "my Tay Tay", rolls with all he can throw at her. He too has developed a love of books and learning.

Elizabeth Koster

Great cuticular activities for each age...

Highly recommend!!! Menu allows my picky kiddo to try healthy new choices! Great cuticular activities for each age. Absolute trust, being away from our children can be stressful and they make it look easy. I am a past employee and currently have a child enrolled. I truly support the level of care provided. It’s not just a daycare, she is excited to go to “school” everyday!


Colleen Kramer

We love the lesson plans, daily photos...

Our overall experience has been wonderful from the very beginning. We appreciate the clear communication, organization, transparency, and friendliness from the co-directors. And we feel so at ease knowing our daughter is in such good hands with the Infant Room teachers. And their dedication and openness to collaborate with us on the best care for our girl has been tremendously appreciated. We love the lesson plans, daily photos of our girl, and the egg-free/nut-free menu.


Lauren Suits

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful...

I have only had excellent experiences at learning tree. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The classrooms are clean and have lots of activity stations for the kids. They provide great meals and also have a huge playground with lots of room for the kids to run and play. The teachers are great and invest a lot of time into the kids. My kids are learning something new every day.

Nicholas Rote