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As an employee at The Learning Tree, we want you to know we are committed to providing a work environment where you can grow and excel your career.

Your desire for career growth is valued and we are happy to provide multiple avenues for you to grow with us


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What Our Teachers Have To Say

Amber Costa
Amber Costa Center: The Learning Tree Howell
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I look forward to celebrating 5 years with The Learning Tree come February. Each year I have been here, I have grown in so many ways. I have grown in my career, grown in personal aspects, and I have grown amazing bonds with friends and families. When I first started at The Learning Tree, I was hired in as a Preschool assistant teacher. I instantly fell in love with the children, the core values, and the curriculum. Career Ladder at The Learning Tree helped me to enroll in their CDA program, which allowed me to become a lead Preschool teacher. They continue to support my interests through their resident expert positions. I became Center Mentor, where I get to work side by side with new staff during their first weeks. I love the opportunities the career ladder program has created. My bosses know my interests and create jobs around them. Whether it’s doing some holiday decorating or helping out on social media, it has been fun being creative at my job. I look forward to many more exciting adventures!
TempestCenter: The Learning Tree Howell
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The career ladder allows for teachers to advance and get more training in many areas. It makes teachers more excited to stay with a company that pays for the advancements of their team.
Melissa W Center: The Learning Tree Howell
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I think the career ladder is effective in our program because it encourages staff to work harder and feel more satisfied in their overall work with being able to show/use different skills.
Shannon Lakey
Shannon Lakey Center: The Learning Tree Howell
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I love working at the learning tree and being able to see and know all the great potential this place has in store for me/anyone. I like knowing that my director started as an assistant and in no time became the director of our center.
Kaylena Banghart
Kaylena BanghartCenter: The Learning Tree Howell
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I have only heard of the career ladder, but I know that I have been promoted for mentorship and hope to hear more info soon.
Jess Hendry
Jess Hendry Center: The Learning Tree Howell
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I love how supportive everyone is at The Learning Tree! The career ladder only furthers this! There’s a place for everyone’s strengths and support to improve!
Paige Llyod
Paige Llyod Center: The Learning Tree Howell
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I love the LT gives us a chance to move higher through certification! I know it’s not impossible to move higher here!
Kayla Greene Center: The Learning Tree Howell
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I have had the privilege of working in many different positions at The Learning Tree. I have been everything from assistant teacher to an interim lead teacher to a floater in all age groups. Each position has been rewarding and a pleasure to do.
Emma Ulman
Emma Ulman Center: The Learning Tree Howell
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I feel so at peace knowing I work for a company with so many opportunities for growth! Seeing the ways my coworkers and bosses have advanced in their careers has confirmed my already strong faith that I am at the right place to be!
Annie LivingwayCenter: The Learning Tree Howell
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I have not personally been effected by the program but have seen a new hire become a director in over a two year span.
Stacey Raby Center: The Learning Tree Howell
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I have been at The Learning Tree for almost two years starting off as a toddler assistant. My directors saw my progress in that position and knew I was capable of being a lead in our Pre-K program. I have also been able to get a special job by becoming a FitBit Resident Expert. This job helps me motivate my coworkers and bosses to get their bodies moving to live a happier and healthier life! Career ladder meetings always open up new opportunities for me to grow!
Ashley Hamilton Center: The Learning Tree Howell
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I feel the career ladder has encouraged teachers to further and better their education in child care. It’s very nice that there is a spot for everyone on the ladder, and you have the option to move up. It’s also very nice to have a supportive team in helping make your choice!
Kaitlynn Suggs
Kaitlynn SuggsCenter: The Learning Tree North
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The career ladder program is a great way to give employees the opportunity for growth within their current positions that isn’t offered at most centers!
April Sroka
April Sroka Center: The Learning Tree North
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I have worked for LT for 7 years and with our career ladder meetings that I have had, I have gotten a change to find out what I love most about working here. With the career ladder I have went from Assistant teacher to lead teacher, then I moved on to be a Resident Expert in our Essential Oils and Center Mentor. I love working with the teachers and helping them find their way as much as I love working with the children!
Sherin Exxat Center: The Learning Tree South
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During my time at The Learning Tree, I can say that my peers are respectful towards one another. I appreciate that I can go to my Director about anything. She is very understanding. The career ladder program is good because it helps improve my skills and grow as a teacher and I feel that the more advanced you are, the higher your role should be and this program helps with that.

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