Livonia – North

Our First Center Is Also The Largest

The Learning Tree- North is the largest of all Learning Trees, as well as the first center that was opened. Because this was a former elementary school, this location has larger classrooms, larger playgrounds, and more space, including a full-size gym.

A Quiet And Peaceful Setting You Trust

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood and surrounded by plenty of outdoor space, this location has a true school feel to it. Although this building is large, there is still a welcoming family feel when you walk through the doors.

2 Full-Time Chefs Mean Top-Tier Care

There are two full-time chefs at this location, as well as three administrators at all times. Exclusive to this location is our Director of Happiness.

A Director Of Happiness Keeps Children Smiling

The Director of Happiness helps to support teachers in their classrooms and ensure curriculum is being implemented in all activities throughout the day.

Fingerprint Entry And More Keep Children Safe

Our parents and staff enter the building through a fingerprint security system. We use a ticket system for children to enter and exit the classroom. Parents provide teachers with a ticket once children are signed in, to let our teachers know, ‘this child is safe to enter and exit my care!’

A Germ-Free Environment Protects Your Child's Health

The Learning Tree-North is the first childcare center to use a ZONO-Machine to sanitize and clean all materials and cut down on illness. Along with our ZONO sanitizer, we use all green cleaning Terafore products to reduce your children’s exposure to chemicals.

A Large Vegetable Garden Is The Ultimate Teaching Tool

Our large vegetable garden is cultivated by our children and used as a teaching tool so they understand how plants grow and where their food comes from.

Easy And Safe Pick-Up And Drop-Off

For our before/after school programs we pick up and drop off to 12 schools. Please contact us for a full list.