Promoting wholesome eating can help change the health and well-being of our next generation.


Promoting wholesome eating can help change the health and well-being of our next generation.

Lifestyle Habits Start at Infancy

Healthy eating and lifestyle habits start at a young age and are directly influenced by the food options given at school.


We also know that children who are well-nourished learn better. This is why our priority at The Learning Tree is simple; “We want children to love real food.”


We order all produce and products from local, reputable and quality companies. Our menus are custom designed and change with each season to reflect the fresh produce available. All meal, and most snack, items are prepared inside our own kitchen by an on-site, full time chef.

Nutrition Standards



  • Served at 8:30am
  • Whole grain
  • Fruit
  • Organic Milk


  • Served at 11:30am
  • Whole grain
  • Protein
  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Organic Milk


10 am snack: Fruit

Typically, the teacher will set a serving bowl of fruit out on a table, and children are invited to help themselves to a morning snack of fruit.

3 pm snack: Protein & Vegetable

Our protein is always a homemade dip (ex: Greek yogurt with cream cheese and dill).

A vegetable is always served with a homemade dip. The vegetables served are blanched for our youngest children, and sometimes for all children.

5 pm snack: Homemade Snack

Our chefs make homemade snacks such as graham crackers, zucchini muffins, energy bites, popcorn and more!

The milk served in our center is Organic Valley Milk. This brand is recognized as high quality organic milk. The cows who produce this milk are raised in a pasture and have no hormone injections. What is fed to the cows have no pesticides. Research has proven that choosing organic milk VS. Hormone free milk has several benefits to the growth and development of children. Hormone free milk has shown to cause cancer and speeds up estrogen development. Choosing a high quality, organic milk is important to our food program standards.

Is encouraged all day long! Children enrolled at The Learning Tree are welcomed to bring a water bottle to fill with water and enjoy during the day. During warmer seasons, water bottles are taken outside each time a classroom goes out to play.

We purchase our bread from a local bakery; Embassy. This bakery has made whole wheat available for us, and has really partnered with The Learning Tree’s needs.

Wraps are on our menu, they are always a vegetable wrap (spinach or sun dried tomato).

Organic chicken.

Ground Turkey. We are not able to purchase organic ground turkey, consistently. We serve Coleman brand and believe it’s the best quality ground turkey.

Some processed meats such as Canadian bacon and hot dogs are on our menu from time to time. Our guidelines with this:
Uncured AND nitrate free.

Behind the Menu

All meals on our menu are prepared daily by our amazing chefs. We are proud to have real chefs with a culinary background and/or training. Our chefs are committed to our Core Values and serving children the healthiest food possible! We take pride in having real chefs, a healthy menu and a quality food program.