TLT 21

Child Care is Now Early Education

Over the years child care has changed from you children simply just getting babysat to young children beginning their education. Most child care centers have completed transitioned to centers for early education, where young children are involved in early learning. This transition is due to certain trends, expectations, and research. So let’s take a deeper look into why child care is now early education.

Studies have shown that even infants can start developing their early education. Therefore, instead of just watching/babysitting children at a young age, it is important to help develop their early education. With that being said, that is why we believe in the HighScope Curriculum. In a Highscope preschool program, teachers help develop children’s interest in learning by creating an environment that encourages them to check out different learning materials, interact with adults and other children. This program focuses on being there to support early learners as they make decisions, develop social and emotional skills, develop academic skills, and become apart of a classroom. Overall, active learning is the main concept of the HighScope Curriculum and the foundation of how young children being to develop the knowledge through natural play and interactions in different environments and other people.

Therefore, with children being able to develop at such a young age it is the main reason why day care/child care centers are now known as early education rather than bathing sitting. We are proud to be apart of a child care center that believes so highly in these early childhood education techniques.

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