Cute little children and nursery teacher playing with building blocks in kindergarten. Indoor activity

Conflict Resolution

Are you struggling to navigate how to resolve some conflicts at home with siblings, family members or friends? In our teacher trainings, we highlight a lot on how to successful handle conflict resolution. We have a six step process that helps our teachers navigate through conflicts with the children. Let’s check out our steps to resolving conflicts and maybe some of these tips may be helpful at home.

  • Approach calmly, stopping any hurtful actions
    • Place yourself between the children, on their level
    • Use a calm volume and gentle touch
    • Remain neutral rather than take sides
  • Acknowledge children’s feelings
    • “You look really upset”
    • Let children know you need to hold any object in questions
  • Gather information 
    • “What’s the problem?”
  • Restate the problem 
    • “So the problem is…”
  • Ask for ideas for solutions and choose one together
    • “What can we do to solve this problem?”
    • Encourage children to think of a solution
  • Be prepared to give follow-up support 
    • “You solved the problem!”
    • Stay near the children

By going through each one of these steps, it helps children remain calm and learn more about their feelings and how to handle their feelings. We hope some of these steps are helpful to you!