Fun Indoor Fall Crafts!

With the weather getting colder it might be harder to get outside and play! Are you struggling trying to think of ways to keep your kids occupied inside?! Well we came together and thought of a few different crafts that can not only be fun to create with your kiddos but also great for decorating the house for the Fall season!

So, let’s take a look at 4 fun fall crafts!

  • Q-Tip Tree!
    • For the q-tip tree all you need is construction paper, q-tips, paint, and scissors! Just a few quick materials until you get to make your awesome fall tree masterpiece! For this project, all you have to do is cut the construction paper out like a tree then take your q-tips and dip them in the paint. With your paint filled q-tips you will just make small dots all on the tree to make them look like fall leaves!! You can even put the dots all over the page like the leaves are falling off the trees! Such a fun, easy, and mess free craft!
  • Colorful Paper Plate Owls!
    • For this craft all you need is paper plates, scissors, glue, construction paper, and paint!  For this craft you will use 3 paper plates per owl… one for the head, one for the body, and you will then cut one in half to use for their wings! You can paint and decorate the owls however you would like! This is another fun colorful craft to decorate your walls!
  • Paint Chip Craft!
    • Do you have an paint color swatches laying around?! Well if you do this is a fast and fun craft to do something with them! All you need are scissors, construction paper, glue and markers! You can cut the paint color swatches into pumpkin shapes or leave them as squares and decorate them with construction paper and glue by putting faces on your pumpkins! AND you can use a green color swatch and make a fun Frankenstein out of them! Super fun and a easy way to get rid of color swatches!
  • Button Branch
    • For this craft, all you need is construction paper, glue, a small branch, and buttons! You will the glue the small branch to the construction paper and let that dry. Once you are ready to decorate you will glue the fall color buttons on the construction paper around the branches! You will then have a fun Autumn Button Branch to decorate your home!!

So many simple, fun and mess free crafts for your children to stay busy and active while to weather is chilly outside! Comment below and let us know some of your favorite indoor fall crafts!