Guest Writer; Paige Llyod; Favorite Holiday Meals!

I LOVE the holidays and getting to go to my parents house and eat their home cooked meals again! My mom was always the best cook I knew. My favorite 5 dishes were, steak and mashed potatoes with corn, homemade chicken noodle soup, white chicken chili, burgers, and of course broccoli Alfredo casserole!
Each week my mom would make one dinner of my choice and one dinner of my brothers choice growing up. I always wanted homemade chicken noodle soup. She makes the noodles by hand and they’re fantastic! White chicken chili is the best chili I’ve ever had. It has a bit of a kick but it’s so nice on a cold winter day! Those have got to be my top two dishes. Don’t get me wrong, my mom makes a lot more good dinners, but these are the best.
I guess the best thing would be, being able to still enjoy my favorite childhood dinners for the holidays. Moving out has been so amazing but I miss the warm meals that were made with love. Nothing will ever beat that! Being all grown up now means I have to start cooking for myself and for other people, so I try to learn everything step by step so I can hopefully be half as good of a cook as my mom someday!