How We Handle COVID Cases

As you may know, the COVID-19 cases in Michigan are continuing to rise and we would like to reach out to let you know that here at The Learning Tree, we can proudly say that we are implementing the most above and beyond health and safety procedures to keep everyone safe.

As of today, we have had minimal situations with a positive employee or child reported in our center and we are proud to share with each of those, absolutely no cases have spread. As our procedure states, we immediately report to the Health Department and Licensing and follow their guidance to quarantine those in direct contact and continue with our cleaning procedures. We truly believe our health and safety procedures are the reason we have had no cases spread throughout our centers!
Some of our above and beyond health and safety procedures include:
  • Additional cleaning, sanitizing and deep cleaning
  • Additional handwashing, mask wearing and social distancing where possible
  • Parents partnering to complete daily health screenings
  • Employees partnering to complete daily health screenings
  • Temperature checks daily
  • Implementing “school shoes”
  • Serving meals and snacks individually
  • Constant training and support on all covid-19 health and safety procedures
  • Following strict quarantine guidelines for anyone expose
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The feedback we continue to receive from employees, and new employees, is that they feel so comfortable coming to work at The Learning Tree because of all that we have in place to keep them safe. We truly adhere to maintaining the healthiest and safest environment and work hard to ensure these things are all happening throughout each and every day.
Additionally, as of today the majority of our teachers, cooks and admin team are fully vaccinated! On top of most of our employees being vaccinated, every day employees answer a health screening and complete a temperature check. We are going above and beyond to ensure our employees and our families are safe while they are in our care.
We promise to continue to implement all of the above, constantly improve and train our staff on the importance of keeping our classrooms as possible.