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Staff Highlight! Cyndi Roberts, LT Howell

I graduated from Michigan State University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies. During my time in school, I completed an internship with a speech therapist in a local public elementary school. It was there that I discovered my passion for working with children.

When beginning my internship, I was paired with a 2nd grade boy whom I was unable to understand any of his speech. At the end of the school year, and therefore the end of my internship, I was amazed to discover that I could understand most, if not all, of the little boy’s speech. I was so excited to not only be able to understand what he was saying, but was impressed by the improvements he had made over the course of the school year.

After my internship, and before starting at the Learning Tree, I was a long term substitute teacher at Eberwhite Elementary in Ann Arbor. I had long term substituted there for 3 consecutive years between their CI Special Education rooms and then my last year in a Kindergarten classroom. While in the Kindergarten classroom, I discovered that I was dedicated to the younger age group. I felt that I could do the most good in the younger group and was eager to see their improvements. It was starting to become summer time, and with the school year ending I was on the search for another day time position. I had always worked nights and weekends at a country club, but needed something to fill my time during the day. That is where I came upon The Learning Tree in Howell.

I submitted my application on the website and was called in for an interview. At the time, the Howell location was looking for a Lead School Age Day Camp Teacher. Upon hearing all of the amazing field trips I would be attending and the endless opportunities for growth within the company, I immediately accepted the offer. While I was nervous to have 34 school agers on various trips throughout the week, I was thrilled to be having this much fun while working. After summer ended, I was asked to become a Pre-K Lead Teacher for the school year. I was very happy to have been given the opportunity to continue employment through the school year with the Learning Tree and eager to shine in the Pre-K Program. I felt it was the perfect opportunity and felt I had the right skill set as I knew the expectations of an upcoming Kindergartner from working at Eberwhite. I was blessed with amazing families and children, whom I was able to build a bond and friendship with while in the Pre-K room.

During one summer I was on maternity leave. I returned to work with my son, Owen, and was absolutely thrilled to have him join a facility where I felt he was safe, loved, and part of my family. After multiple years of working as a Pre-K Lead during the school year and a Lead School Age Day Camp Teacher during the summer, I was given the opportunity to become an administrator as an Assistant Director. Not only has this company seen my potential and given me the opportunities to climb with their career ladder, I am truly happy to come into work every day. I believe that the Learning Tree was meant to be a part of my life.