Teacher’s Going Above and Beyond

Our teachers are always working hard to come up with new, creative and unique activities to continue the growth of their class. We would love to show off some of the recent projects that really stuck out and give a little shout out to some of our teachers.

Ms. Emma & Ms. Abby from LT-South

Ms. Emma & Ms. Abby along with their Toddler children created their own version of, “Ten Apples up on Top” book! Then the families in the class took turns taking the book home and reading it with their child! Parents came back the next day saying…

“I have not heard my child say the names of their friends in the class until we brought this book home!”

“My child read ME the book!”

Way to go Ms. Emma & Ms. Abby!

Ms. Connie from LT-West

Ms. Connie introduced a fun way to partner with her parents! She sent her families this message…

“Please join your child at the Pre-K Pumpkin Patch to choose a pumpkin. Take your pumpkin home and decorate it however you want. Once finished please bring it back prior to October 17th and share your creation with our class. Thank you!”

Check out some of the FUN our families had!









Miss. Amanda from LT-South Lyon

Miss. Amanda did a farm theme for her lesson plan and the day before their parent breakfast for large group, her class learned about how to make butter. They then worked together to make some delicious butter that we served with parent breakfast! Way to go Miss. Amanda!

Ms. Noreen & Ms. A’naya from LT-North

During our garden clean their toddler classroom practiced locomotor skills, body management skills and object control skills while moving from one place to the other carrying tools, soil and roots. They used their large muscles to balance and manage objects too. Fine motor skills such as whole-hand grasping and the pincer grasp (necessary skills for writing) were employed. Further, being outdoors in the fresh air and moving around a lot is a good way to get exercise. They were willing to try any vegetables we found since we were involved in the process of growing it.

Ms. Emily & Ms. Leisa from LT-Howell

Ms. Emily & Ms. Leisa were soaking up every minute with their babies… they recently had their last week with some of their babies before they moved up to their next adventure in Toddlers! To remember their time in Infants, all of their families received a card with their child’s handprint and a loving message from their teachers!

We are so grateful for all of our teaches and working hard to provide the best care and education to their classrooms. Be sure to check out our Facebook pages to see more unique and fun activities our teachers out together for our families.