Tips for Creating a Fun Kids’ Table for Thanksgiving!

Are you planning a big Thanksgiving event and planning to have a lot of kiddos join?! Worried about keeping the kids entertained and trying to avoid the mid-meal meltdown at the Thanksgiving table?! Well, no need to look any further… we have some tips that will keep your kiddos entertained and enjoying their time at the Thanksgiving table!

  • Create your table like restaurants do! Having some fun Thanksgiving related coloring pages with lots of crayons is a great way to keep your kiddos occupied and having a blast while coloring!
  • A simple thanksgiving craft that doesn’t require too much help or supplies! An example of a simple Thanksgiving craft could be creating a turkey out of a paper plate! You could have all the pieces you need to create the craft pre-cut so it would avoid a big mess. All you would need to do is leave out the pre-cut feathers, face, nose, eyes, etc. out on the table with some glue sticks, and washable markets are your craft is good to go! They can design however they would like and if you have a few bigger kids at the table they can help the younger ones!
  • Create a cute Thanksgiving related food bowls and fill them with some good snacks for the kiddos. Have some fresh veggies in a cute turkey cup with a little bit of dip at the bottom which will grab the kids attention and have them take a seat and enjoy their snack with the other kiddos! You can do this while you are making your Thanksgiving meal to keep them occupied and enjoying some fresh veggies!
  • Save your linens and keep the kids contained by decking their table in craft paper! Leave out plenty of crayons and encourage them to make drawl on the table! Have them create their own crafts! This could be a fun and entertaining craft because they normally cannot just drawl straight on the table!

With these four easy tips, we hope you have a fun and stress-free Thanksgiving! Comment below and let us know some of the fun crafts you do to make the kids table at Thanksgiving fun and entertaining!