Welcoming BLOOM Wellness!

We are excited to announce that we launched a new wellness program for our employees called BLOOM! The Learning Tree has always strived to provide support and resources for their staff’s lifelong wellness. As our teams continue to grow and flourish, we have had different programs that teachers already have access to that can support their future (like our oils and gym memberships!).

It is now time to make sure these options are available and easy to access at any time for everyone. We believe that a healthier flourishing you makes a healthier flourishing us. We also know that everyone’s journey is different and that is what will make this program so unique because each and every one of our employees will get to pick and choose what programs fit their lifestyle and personal goals. We look forward as individuals and as a team to support their mind, body, soul, financial and community wellness and cannot wait to show you all what we have in store.

Our Bloom team, Kim Avendt, Erin Blatchford, Amber Costa and Alexis McNett launched our wellness program at all locations the week of July 10th! Each center had a booth to learn all about our program. They highlight the new wellness app (with open enrollment on the spot!) some of the team’s favorite Wellness, books and podcasts and a tasty treat!

We can’t wait to share more with you about our wellness programs throughout the months! Be sure to follow us on our Social Media pages and check back on our blogs for more updates!