2020 North 1

Why we LOVE STEM projects at LT!

Our school age program has awesome STEM projects that they complete weekly, sometimes daily! STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

So why is STEM important and why do we love it? STEM empowers individuals with skills to succeed and adapt to this increasing complex, changing, technological world. STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives. Science is everywhere in the world around us and is used to impact people an every living on earth.

Some of the STEM skills that our school agers develop during these projects are:

  • Creativity
  • Inquiry skills
  • Critical analysis
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Initiative
  • Communication
  • Digital literacy
  • Problem solving

Throughout the school year and even more during our summer day camp program our school agers create some AWESOME STEM projects, check out some of the projects we will be doing this summer:

  • Growing Crystals
  • Egg Drop Challenge
  • Popsicle Stick Flashlights
  • Make Your Own Slime
  • Does the Shoe fit?
  • Laser Maze
  • House of Cards
  • Robot Hands
  • Elephant Toothpaste
  • How Strong is Spaghetti
  • Paper Chain

Be sure to check out our Facebook pages to see all of our STEM projects!