Homemade LT Recipes!

We are kicking off 2022 and we thought it would be a good time to share some of our delicious homemade recipes that our children

Learning Opportunities Indoors & Outdoors!

 HighScope Curriculum supports learning opportunities indoors and outdoors! During outside time in an active learning setting, children extend their indoor play to the outdoors where

Benefits of ZONO Sanitizing

Here at The Learning Tree we follow strict cleaning standards with our ZONO and it provides great benefits. Cleaning has always been our top priority

Outside Time!

It’s time to go outside! Here at The Learning Tree we live and breathe by our Core Values. An extension of our classrooms is our PLAYGROUND. 

The healthiest menu around!

Good Nutrition is Fundamental for Creating Strong Learners at The Learning Tree!    We believe that eating goes beyond a physical necessity for children. It

LT Gardens & Why We Love Them!

Did you know at the Learning Tree we teach children about the benefits of healthy organic gardening?  During the warmer months teachers and children take

Daily Routine At A Glance

One of the core values we have at The Learning Tree is that children are lifelong learners. We had to find the perfect curriculum to

Why we LOVE STEM projects at LT!

Our school age program has awesome STEM projects that they complete weekly, sometimes daily! STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. So why is

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Conflict Resolution

Are you struggling to navigate how to resolve some conflicts at home with siblings, family members or friends? In our teacher trainings, we highlight a

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