5 Fun Fall Related Activities for Your Toddler or Preschooler

As the temperature begins to drop, the leaves are changing colors.. this must mean it is FALL! The fall season is one of our favorite seasons to make some fun crafts at home. All the nature that is outside, makes for some great materials where you don’t have to go to the store for your crafts – YAY!

Here are five crafts that you can do at home, that also require minimal supplies:

  • Hand print fall tree

For our first craft, all you need is a piece of paper, writing and/or color untinsel, glue and some tissue paper or leaves from outside! For your craft, you will trace your hand and color it in however you would like. Then taking your glue and leaves or tissue paper you can decorate your hand print tree however you may choose! Such a fun way to illustrate the trees your children are observing outdoors during the fall.

  • Paper bag wreath

Another fun family craft, would be making a paper bag wreath! All you will need for this craft are some brown paper bags, glue, string and any nature you find outside to create your design! For the actual structure of your wreath, you will crumble brown paper bags so you make them into a circle. Once you have your brown paper bag circle, you can head outside to collect your decorations – leaves, flowers, sticks, pinecones, etc. whatever your child would like to use on their wreath! You will then either glue or tie down your fall materials to your paper bags to create your beautiful fall wreath!

  • Popcorn kernel sensory bin

Here at The Learning Tree we really love our sensory bins and there is no better time to bring a sensory bin to your home! A fun fall sensory bin can include; popcorn kernels, different color leaves, pine cones, different texture of leaves, etc. Sensory bins are very simple to put together and can encourage lots of fine motor practice!

  • Pine cone hedgehogs

Pine cone hedgehogs are quick and easy to make and will allow your child to have a new little friend! All you will need is pine cones that you can find outside, felt in two different shades of brown, black beads, glue and scissors. By using these four materials you will create a face to put on the end of your pine cone which will create your cute little hedgehog!

  • Leaf window hangings

Leaf window hangings are not only fun to create but a beautiful fall decoration that you and your family will get to look at every day! All you will need is clear contact paper, leaves, grass, twigs, flower petals, ribbon and a hole punch. You will lay a piece of the contact paper with the sticky side up on your table. You will tape the paper to the table to keep it from slipping. Next have your child place all of their materials in their own way on the sticky paper. Once they are done, place another piece of contact paper on top of it and trip around the design. You will then punch a hole at the top of your design and use string to hang your design! You can be very creative during this project and cut your window hanging in any type of shape your child may choose!

We hope you find some of these fall activities fun and we would love to see pictures of your crafts! Comment below your picture and/or any fun fall activities your family does at home together during the fall months!