5 fun food-related ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate love and togetherness as a family, embracing the fun of Valentine’s Day-themed meals and snacks.

Being a dietitian and a mom of three, I understand how exciting Valentine’s Day can be, especially with school and daycare celebrations in full swing. Valentine’s Day is a holiday just like any other, but with the emphasis on sweets, it can be a difficult one for kids (and parents) to navigate. You’ll definitely want to check out my blog post on my top three tips for managing treats.

Without further ado, here are five delightful food ideas to make celebrating this day of love at home a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Heart-shaped food cutter snacks

Grab your heart-shaped food and cookie cutters – it’s time to turn your kids’ favorite snacks into adorable Valentines! From heart-shaped peanut butter and jam sandwiches to heart-shaped cheese paired with crackers, the options are endless. If you have mini heart-shaped cutters, get creative by making tiny hearts from slices of fruits and veggies like cucumber, melon, bell pepper, and even carrots! Make it a family affair by letting your little one join in on the cutting (with supervision, of course)! Need recipe ideas? My easy egg and banana mini muffins have heart-shaped strawberries on top, and these frozen yogurt heart snacks are simply too cute.

Heart-shaped pizza night

Visit your local grocery store and grab some fresh pizza dough for a fun family activity. Here’s how to easily do it:

  • Shape individual pizzas for each family member into delicious, doughy hearts.
  • Spread pizza sauce generously.
  • Set up a variety of toppings—think marinated artichoke hearts, bell peppers, pepperoni, olives, pineapple slices, tomatoes, shredded chicken, mozzarella, and more.

Let your kids unleash their creativity by choosing their favorite toppings and going wild with their personalized Valentine’s pizzas. Even if the final result doesn’t perfectly resemble a heart after it’s cooked, you know you had a blast making it!

Valentine-themed veggie platter

Let’s make veggies the star by arranging them into a heart shape on a platter. Begin with vibrant red bell peppers or mini tomatoes, then layer in a variety of colorful vegetables. If your kids are fans of rainbows, turn this into a heart-shaped rainbow theme! Progress from orange carrots or mandarin segments, to yellow bell peppers, green snap peas or broccoli florets, and finish off with purple carrots, purple cauliflower, or even some blueberries in the center. Elevate the experience by serving it with a fancy roasted red pepper dip or beet hummus to keep the Valentine’s theme alive! Plus, who doesn’t love a good dip?!

Valentine Cookie Decorating Party

Bring out the inner artist in your little ones with a Valentine’s Day cookie decorating party. Bake up some heart-shaped sugar cookies and set up a decorating station with all the colorful icing and sprinkles you can find. Alternatively, opt for these easy Valentine’s Rice Krispie treats instead of making cookies. It’s a sweet and creative activity that ends with delicious results!

Valentine’s day sprinkles to add festivity to meals and snacks

Add a touch of love to your daily meals and snacks by incorporating Valentine’s Day-themed sprinkles! Encourage your little ones to shake red, pink, or white sprinkles onto their yogurt parfait, pancakes, smoothie bowl, or even fruit kabobs. Elevate dessert time with a classic chocolate-covered strawberry, jazzed up with a generous layer of sprinkles. So simple, yet so fun! And if sprinkles aren’t your thing, keep it simple with pink or red-themed foods such as my chocolate cherry smoothie or this easy strawberry milk.

Remember, it’s not just about the food; it’s about the moments shared and the joy created as a family. Embracing these delightful Valentine’s Day-themed meals and snacks is not only a fun way to celebrate love, but it also helps foster a positive relationship with food for your little ones in the long run.