5 Activities to Teach Preschoolers How to Count

When it comes to teaching your preschoolers how to count it can be kind of stressful on both the parents as well as the children. Forcing children to sit down and learn things can have a negative outcome on what they truly learn. It can turn them against learning and lose their attention completely. With that being said, learning how to count can be fun and exciting for children… so lets take a look at 5 fun ways that can help preschoolers learn now to count!

  1. Sing a song
    • A fun, happy, catchy rhythm will quickly grab a child’s attention. Having a song that children are already use to hearing and/or already know very well can be very helpful. Here are some song melodies that are popular that you could use: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “Wheels on the Bus.” Additionally, some songs, such as “Five Little Monkeys,” already include counting into their lyrics, so songs like that can also be very beneficial. You and your toddler can count using the tune of these songs and it helps if you hold up your fingers to show the numbers.
  2. Count during cleanup
    • Cleanup time sometimes is not a fun time for children, therefore turning cleanup time into a counting game is not only a productive way to learn but it can also make cleaning up a bit more fun! While helping your child pick up their toys, count each one you drop into their toy box or basket. Not only will this teach your child numbers, but it’ll also encourage them to put away their belongings! So truly both the parents and the kids win here 😉
  3. Play hopscotch
    • Getting outside to play can also be very educational for your children. The hopscotch game is a great way to encourage children to stay active while learning how to count. And the best part of this learning activity is, all you need is some chalk and pavement! Draw the game board on your sidewalk or driveway, then show your toddler how to play by hopping over the numbers and reading them aloud as you do! Such a simple and fun educational outdoors activity!
  4. Count during meal times
    • During meal times can be another great time to learn how to count! By simply having your children tell you how many grapes, strawberries, crackers, etc. they have! It can be a fun way to eat a few then have them count again by being able to point and touch their food can help give them a great visual. And of course enjoy delicious food while they learn!
  5. Make jewelry with string and cheerios
    • Doing arts and crafts is not only fun but also educational! Making jewelry out of string and cheerios is a fun and delicious treat that can also help with counting! All you need is for each child to have a piece of string and one handful of cheerios, then all they have to do is have them put the cheerios on the string. As they are putting them on you can all say out loud the numbers as they go on! As they wear the bracelet they can definitely sneak a little snack and then count how many they have again! Super simple, fun and delicious! 🙂

Overall, there are so many fun ways to learn how to count and it should be fun for the whole family!

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