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Active Learning in Our Classrooms

Here at The Learning Tree you will see active learning in all of our classrooms; infants – school age. Our teachers and classroom are set up with materials to help guide children to explore, interact and exercise their creative imagination through purposeful play.

Active learning is also supported in four different areas that highscope curriculum supports:

  • Adult-Child Interaction

Some key strategies for adult-child interactions are touching, holding, play alongside at their level and pace, communicating in give-and-take exchanges verbally and nonverbally, respecting children’s choices and encouraging their efforts, acknowledging children’s strong emotions, and involving toddlers in resolving conflicts.

  • Learning Environment

The classroom is organized into play and care areas that serve the needs for the age group of children where they can reach the appropriate materials needed to explore and play with their own way at their own pace.

  • Schedules & Routines

A consistent yet flexible daily routine that supports the child’s age. These daily routines will give children a sense of security and stability which will create trust between the child and teacher, and also builds independence as children engage with their environment and the people around them.

  • Observation

Object observations of children allow teachers to plan and build lesson plans to support the children’s learning.

Overall, highscope curriculum and active learning allows children to grow and learn at their own pace and gain a great sense of independence.