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Air Purifiers at The Learning Tree!! 😃

We have some exciting news…recently, we installed BlueAir, Air Purifiers into each of our classrooms!! 

One of our Core Values is ‘Creating a Safe Environment’ at The Learning Tree. To ensure that we are creating a safe environment, we continue to do our research to make sure we have all the right tools in our buildings to provide your family with the safest environment. 

The Blueair HealthProtect 7770i is the newest model in the Blueair HealthProtect line of purifiers and is the best for germ, allergen, and gas removal in extra-large rooms. The HealthProtect models feature the patent-pending GermShield technology that proactively monitors the room and kills viruses and bacteria on the filters using a low air draft and plasma charging even when the air purifier is on standby. A gentle stream of air ensures no new growth of germs.

Air pollution is a major health threat to children because their lungs and brains are still developing and children breathe more rapidly, taking in 50% more air in relation to their body weight than adults. This makes them more susceptible to air pollutants and puts them at greater risk from many of the common household pollutants like dust, smoke and chemicals.

Some of the biggest contributors to poor air quality in the workplace are dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are found in paints, furniture and flooring, as well as deodorant, and surface cleaners. When combined with traffic fumes, pollen and industrial emissions from outdoors, those in most workplaces are not breathing in good quality air.

The air purifiers are designed to provide higher amounts of clean air using filters and electrostatic charging – this makes tiny airborne particles sticky so they stick to the filter instead of just passing through.

Our teachers have a Blueair air purifier app that tracks and tells them when the air within your classroom is at excellent quality via the blue light on the top of the device. Teachers will be able to know when the air quality in their classroom has changed by the light changing from blue to red, yellow, or green. This means the air quality within the room has changed and is no longer of excellent quality, this will typically happen when your classroom door is left open or when your class returns from outside, bringing in dust, dirt, pollen, etc. The Blueair app also tells us the temperature within your room along with the humidity levels.

Again, with knowing all of this data, we continue to make improvements in our centers. We are so excited to bring these air purifiers to our classrooms to take one more step to make sure our families and employees are safe and healthy while in our facilities. 

We are so thankful to be able to keep our families and employees always safe and healthy while in our buildings!