Benefits of Having Plants in the Classroom

Did you know plants are very beneficial to children? Not only in our lobbies, staff lounges… but also in each and everyone of our classrooms?! Not only do we love having plants in our classrooms to teach and create a green environment, studies have shown that having plants in a classroom can actually improve concentration, memory and reduce stress!

There are so many benefits of growing plants in your room and we tried to pick out the most important ones to show you how great they are for you, the children and learning…Here are 5 reasons why we love having plants in our classrooms:

Plants freshen the air and remove pollutants

Plants help remove pollutants from the air by absorbing them into their roos and leaves or the plant uses photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide and light energy through their pores! Which helps counter CO2 in the air by releasing oxygen, which can help brain productivity!

Plants improve wellbeing

Introducing plants can turn an otherwise stuffy classroom into a thriving environment which your students will be drawn to. Studies have shown that plants can help a child’s anxiety, sickness and absenteeism… plants are SO great!!

Plants raise environmental consciousness

Plants help teach children how much time and care they need to thrive. When children experience the life and cycle of a plant it helps them realize how precious nature is and connect to their environment outside of the classroom.

Plants make for a great lesson subject

Using living items it can help children study plant growth over time, as well as see the changes different variable can have on plant survival as they get older. Learning how to count, observe, dig, etc. all great ways to explore a child’s math, reading, science skills.

Plants encourage responsibility 

Having plants in the classroom is a great way to encourage children to be responsible for caring for the plants in the classroom as they get older. Teaching children how to care for plants and what they can do to thrive.

Overall, we love having plants in our classrooms not only for their looks but the lessons and teaching that comes from them in all age groups!