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Benefits of Waterplay

Here at LT we do water play in a BIG way! Our splash pad and water experiences run EVERYDAY, TWICE A DAY in the summer!

Children enhance their gross motor skills, coordination and physical fitness through lifting, pouring, carrying, running and splashing, while actions such as squeezing help to develop the small muscles in a child’s hands.

Here are 5 benefits of water play:

  1. Develops hand-eye coordination
  2. Introduces math and scientific concepts
  3. Enhances concentration and focus
  4. Develops fine-motor skills and sensory exploration
  5. Builds social and communications skills

Children & Teachers are welcomed to participate in our water play experience, but in order to dive in the fun you want to make sure you have the following!

  • Bathing Suit/extra clothes
  • Water Shoes (must HAVE to have something on your feet)
  • Towel

We are so grateful to have AWESOME splash pads and water play activities at our centers for children to explore and enjoy their time outside with their friends!