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Early Childhood Educators are VALUABLE!

Early childhood educators are the building blocks of learning. ECE teachers help lay the foundation for education and discovery, for the rest of a child’s life. Research shows that without early education, children are likely to fall behind throughout their academic careers.

Did you know that ECE teachers help encourage this skill development by:

  • Facilitating group activities, and therefore collaboration and friendships between children.
  • Inspiring children to explore areas of interest and engage in their learning experiences.
  • Encouraging good communication between children and adults
  • Developing cognitively-stimulating activities that fuel children’s curiosities and desire to learn.
  • Creating diverse, hands-on curriculum that helps hone children’s fine motor skills
  • Encouraging independence in children, through basic problem-solving activities.
  • Recognizing children for their achievements, which in turn motivates children to succeed.
  • Providing a safe and comfortable classroom environment. Studies show that when children and are comfortable with the people around them, they learn more quickly and successfully.
  • Ensuring warm, positive and nurturing interactions between children and teachers, to establish a sense of trust. Research shows that children with secure, trusting relationships are more likely to play, explore and interact with adults in a childcare setting.

We are so grateful for all of our teachers and find it is so important to share how valuable our teachers are and how they play such an important role in children’s lives to help set them up for success and to grow in their early years.