Earth Day Activities to Celebrate With Your Family

Next Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day and we will be celebrating all week long next week and we cannot wait to share with you throughout the week all the lesson plans and activities LT children are doing.  Earth Day is a BIG deal for The Learning Tree and it is one of our favorite week to celebrate since it really highlights all of our Core Values and what we do every day to live and teach children about a green lifestyle. We would love to share our passion for being a eco-friendly and all green center by sharing some ways for you and your family to celebrate Earth Day together at home!

  1. Feed the birds.
    • With common household items, you can help your child create a bird feeder that birds will be chirping about! While you’re crafting, ask your child to describe different birds that they’ve seen in your neighborhood. What color are the birds? What sorts of chirping sounds they make.
  2. Ready, set, grow.
    • Learn about the basics of botany and plant growth by growing a simple herb garden with your child. Then, browse through these seed-filled reads and explore the outdoors through books.
  3. Take a closer look.
    • You can make a DIY magnifying glass with a plastic bottle! Help your budding scientist get a closer look at the world around them with this fun activity.
  4. Clean up your neighborhood
    • Pick a local park, roadside or trail in your community and see who can collect the most garbage and recyclables!
  5. Go on a nature walk
    • The weather is warming up and there is no better way to celebrate Earth Day than being outdoors! Find a trail or even walk around your yard to enjoy the wildlife and scenery.
  6. Have a Yard Sale!
    • Hold a yard sale of your unwanted household items and donate some of the proceeds to a local environmental organization, or use the money to buy some eco-friendly products for your home.
  7. Make Crafts with Recycled Materials 
    • Most kids LOVE to do crafts and there is a lot of fun crafts you can create by using some recycled materials from around the house. An idea could be making a sensory bottle with a plastic bottle- filling your bottle with sand, buttons, rocks, etc.

We hope one of these ideas is something you and your family can do together at home to celebrate Earth Day this year!