Zono South

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Here at LT we figured out a way to keep it clean AND still stay green!!

Tereaforé products are made from 100% biodegradable, plant-based materials, which means they not only provide a safer living environment, but they’re also more environmentally friendly. We use Tereaforé cleaning products daily, hourly, minute by minute in our classrooms. Your children deserve a clean world and a clean classroom to explore and play in, without any harsh chemicals in the air!

On top of using our eco-friendly and green cleaning products… We have a ZONO machine in all five of our locations and we truly couldn’t be happier with how safe they keep our centers. The ZONO kills 99.99% of common viruses on non-porous surfaces and 99.9% of common bacteria on non-porous and semi-porous surfaces. The ZONO is very eco-friendly by utilizing a combination of process control, ozone concentration, humidity, and time to achieve consistent and U.S laboratory confirmed disinfection and sanitization levels.

We LOVE our ZONO machines and we were lucky enough to have a case study done on LT about how much we use and love our ZONO’s. Check us out in ZONO Technologies Newsletterhttps://www.zonotechnologies.com/uncategorized/the-learning-tree-case-study/
We love using eco-friendly cleaning products and sanitizing machines to not only keep your children safe/healthy but to also keep our Earth clean and thriving!