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Farmers Markets Are Beneficial To Your Children!

With our Annual Farmer’s Markets starting to kick off we thought it would be fun to give you some fun facts and information about why farmers markets are very beneficial for your children!

Here are the 7 reasons why you should take your children to a farmer’s market:
  1. Farmers Markets introduce your children to fresh produce
    • When children taste the difference between produce from a farmers market vs. produce from a grocery store, they will begin to see a difference between the two! Produce at a farmers market is more fresh and tastes better. There can be certain types of vegetables that your children do not like normally, but once they have the fresh produce their minds may change!
  2. Farmers Markets teach children proper nutrition
    • Not only are farmers markets fun to walk around and see all the different beautiful colors of the produce, but children will also learn about each type of produce! It’s not just fun for the kids… its fun for the adults at the vendors who like to teach the children what kind of produce they have and why its good for you. Children will learn that they need these foods
  3. Farmers Markets show children that shopping can be fun
    • Farmers markets allow children to be more involved because everything they can pick out is fresh and healthy! Seeing that they can pick out what they want and parents can be stress free because they trust all the produce!
  4. Farmers Markets are a great place for family bonding
    • Farmers markets allow families to come together for a few hours and create great memories! Being outside getting fresh air creates a great atmosphere for your family to connect, goof around, and create memories together. At larger farmers markets there are sometimes a lot of fun kids activities for families to participate in. If its coloring, painting, singing, dancing, playing games, making crafts, trying out new foods, etc. there are so many ways that your family can bond and do these things together!
  5. Farmers Markets teach children to be social
    • Having your children get out and become social with other kids is a great way for them to grow. With farmers markets being very family oriented it allows your children to be social and create friendships and relationships with family, friends, etc.
  6. Farmers Markets give children variety
    • With their being so many different fruits and vegetables at the farmers markets it allows children to try and experience different kinds of food that they may not always get the chance to!
  7. Farmers Markets teach children the seasons of produce
    • Even if children are too young to realize the different seasons of produce, they will start to become aware whats in season and whats out of season. They will learn why there aren’t many apples or why there is a certain fruit or vegetable in place of some that they normally have. That’s where they will be able to experience new produce!

With that being said, farmers markets are beneficial in so many ways! We cannot wait to have our families experience most of these benefits at our farmers markets this year!!

Don’t forget your farmers market is coming up and it’s something you won’t want to miss! Here are the dates for a reminder! Remember the Farmers Markets will be from 4:00pm – 6:30pm on these dates, as well as the following morning until 9:30am!

South Lyon: Wednesday, September 11th 

Howell: Thursday, September 12th 

South: Tuesday, September 17th 

West: Wednesday, September 18th

North: Thursday, September 19th 

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