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Flu Season Tips & Precautions!

There is nothing worse than getting the flu over the holidays! These next few months are also crazy busy for everyone and we want to make sure your health is something you don’t have to worry about. So we wanted to give you a few tips to avoid the flu this year. As well as adding some of these tips to help prevent others from getting the flu!

  • Get the flu vaccination!
    • This is the first step to flu prevention and has a high probability that you will not be harmed by the flu!
  • Make sure you are washing your hands regularly!
    • The cold and flu viruses can be easily spread with indirect contact. Say somebody sneezes or coughs onto their hand and then touch a railing, then the person who touches the railing can easily be affect by the virus. Therefore, if you take the time to wash your hands regularly you may avoid getting the flu!
  •  Make sure yo cough into your elbow!
    • Since your hands touch more than your elbows it is safer to cough into your elbow to avoid transferring your sickness to somebody else!
  • Disinfect common surfaces regularly
    • It is important to clean more during flu season than you normally would. By just doing a simply wipe down with disinfecting products it can seriously save you from being infected!
  • Drink A LOT of water!
    • Water is proven to help strengthen your immune system, keeping the flu away! However, if you do get sick, water helps flush out your system and rehydrate your body! Water takes away those toxins and helps you recover.

These are just a few tips you can use to try and keep the flu away this season! Do you have any good tips to share with our families this flu season?!?