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Learning Opportunities Indoors & Outdoors!

 HighScope Curriculum supports learning opportunities indoors and outdoors! During outside time in an active learning setting, children extend their indoor play to the outdoors where they have opportunities to learn through healthy energetic activity. Children experience social interaction and problem solving with peers!

Getting outside a couple times a day is not only fun for the children… it is a NEED for the children!

We know that this season of snow gear can bring on some challenges, but look at these challenges as learning opportunities! We would love to share with you some of the things we use to help outside time during the colder days easier.

  • Encourage Independence and allow the children the opportunity to put on their own snow gear and place their snow gear in their cubbies.
  • Gather anecdotal notes and see if children can follow the order in which they put their snow gear on or if they can problem solve with the materials of gloves, zippers, etc.
  • Use language to describe the outdoor elements, cold, freezing, ice, snow, textures, observations of their surroundings.
  • HAVE FUN! Build a snowman, roll a snowball, catch a snowflake, measure snow!

We absolutely love all the memories we make with the children while they are outside at LT. We would love to hear about some of the memories you make with your children getting outside at home!

Check out some pictures of our outside time at The Learning Tree!