How to Cook a Turkey… Preschool edition!

Every year the Learning Tree Howell does a fun activity with their preschools in honor of Thanksgiving! It is so fun to involve children in the preparation for the thanksgiving feast! So our way in doing that we ask them how they cook a turkey for thanksgiving!

Let’s take a look at some of the answers this year!

  • “1. Put lip gloss on it. 2. Put bacon on it. 3. Put it on the stove for 5 years. 4. Eat it all up”
    • Makayla
  • “1. Put the turkey in the oven for a long time with bread. 2. Put it in the refrigerator to cool. 3. Add lettuce and pepper for my daddy.”
    • Ben K.
  • “1. Put stuffing in it 2. Put it in the microwave 3. Cook for 2 years 4. Put cheese on it!”
    • Maggie
  • “1. Make a turkey cake 2. Add some sugar 3. Add some chocolate and a little bit of yogurt. 4. Mix it 5. Put in oven until it’s done.”
    • Yva
  • “1. Put seasoning on it 2. Put it in the microwave 3. Cook for 4 minutes 4. Put more seasoning on it 5. Put salad on top 6. Put lettuce on top 7. More seasoning 8. Cook in over for 3 minutes 9. More seasoning”
    • Eva
  • “1. Get the turkey and french fries 2. Put it in the oven for 40 seconds. 3. Get a ford and apple juice at the table. 4. Then you eat it.”
    • Finley E.
  • “1. Put sausage on it 2. Put pancakes on it 3. Put strawberries on it 4. Put it in a pan on the stove 5. Cook for 3 seconds 6. Blow on it to cool it down 7. Put eggs on it 8. Put oranges on it 9. Put bananas on it.”
    • Landon

Aren’t these just the best ways to cook a turkey?!? Comment below of some of your preschoolers answers! 🙂