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How To Get Back in A School Routine After Summer Vacation

Well the time has come…summer has come to an end and it is back to school time! The summer is always such a fun time for children of all ages, and most of the time this fun makes for later bedtimes and sleeping in!

Since we are back to school and some may be struggling to get back into a routine with their families, we thought we would take the time to give you some tips to get into that back to school routine!

  • Establish a evening routine

Having a nighttime routine is very important for children to get in a routine when going back to school. Trying to have dinner at a certain time every night can help get them in this new routine. Being able to sit down at the dinner table together and talk about the day can be a great way to help them start to settle down and relax! Another example of a good night time routine is getting into pajamas at a certain time. You can allow your child to pick out their own pajamas so it makes it fun for them and not like a chore! You can have certain games, books, homework, etc. that you do every night around the same time to help them stay in the routine.

  • Dial down the screen time before bed

Watching too much TV or TV right before bed wakes up the mind and will result in your kiddos having a hard time falling asleep! Shortening the amount of TV your children watch each night can help them get a better night of rest. As well as making sure they don’t watch TV right before falling asleep, this again will keep them awake!

  • Establish a morning routine

Having a morning routine is just as important as having a nighttime routine. Having a certain time where everyone wakes up every morning is important. When you pick a time for wake up time in the mornings make sure you allow enough time for your children to not feel rushed in the mornings. Allow time to get up, brush teeth, get dressed, and have a snack or breakfast! Having just the simplest routine – if its even just giving you enough time to get ready can be so helpful and a huge change of mood!

Being back to school is such a great time that being out of routine can really affect. So hopefully these few tips can help you get back on track and in that school mood!

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