Keeping LT Safe with Our Sanitization Stations!

At The Learning Tree, we have invested so much into keeping the cleanest and safest environments.  One of the many investments we have made is putting up Sanitization Stations in our lobbies.  We especially love that these stations gave us the opportunity to share other ways we are keeping everyone safe.

While stopping to sanitize hands, parents and employees have the chance to glance at these reminders multiple times a day:

Zono – how we sanitize all our materials.  The zono machine replaces oxygen with ozone, eliminating the chance for any bacteria to survive its cycle.

Constant Cleaning– We have increased the cleaning occurring throughout the entire center.  With added classroom cleaning, we have also added common area and playground cleaning throughout the day.

Touchless Health Screenings– Every child, parent and employee get their temperate taken with a touchless forehead thermometer.  Parents fill out a daily health screening on their Kid Report App and show to an administration upon entrance.

Mask– Employees and parents wear face masks.  Children 4 & up wear face masks in our lobbies and hallways.

Clean Hands– While hands are sanitized at these stations, hands are also washed upon entrance to our classrooms by children and employees.  Additional handwashing times are implemented in our curriculum all day long.

Stay Apart– We encourage adults to social distance throughout our centers.  Learning Tree logo social distance markers are placed 6 feet apart upon entrance, in our lobbies and by classroom doors.

We hope you have enjoyed our sanitization stations and daily reminders with just some of our covid updates.  Happy hand sanitizing!