Ms. Connie’s Class Celebrates 100 Days of Pre-K!

Preschoolers and Pre-K children love celebrations, and celebrating 100 days of learning is a big deal! 100 Days of school is a long time, and preschoolers and Pre-K children will definitely be proud to celebrate this big milestone. There are so many unique and hands-on activities to incorporate in your early education classrooms that children will love. The 100th day of school is a day students will look forward to and remember throughout their educational journey. We’ve included some of our favorites.

One of the most important things to remember when celebrating the 100th day of school is to keep things light, fun, and age-appropriate. Here are some ways to celebrate 100 days in your classroom:

  • 100th Day Decorations
  • 100 Collage
    • Invite the children to make collages with 100 different items! From buttons, gems, markers, paint, any of your favorite craft materials.
  • 100th Day Songs
    • Get your children up and moving while learning how to count to 100!
  • 100 Things Scavenger Hunt
    • Set-up a scavenger hunt for your children and encourage them to find 100 things!

We are SO excited to share with you that our Pre-K class at our Livonia-West location celebrated their 100 days recently and we can’t wait to tell you ALL about it!

Ms. Connie’s class at LT-West has been counting their LT School days since the beginning of the school year and with the help of Ms. Maddy, LT West Assistant Pre-K teacher, their class celebrated 100 days of school! Counting to 100 is a huge milestone to accomplish while preparing for kindergarten. They bounced 100 ping pong balls on a parachute, traveled around the school hunting for 100 numbers, shared their projects of 100 things from home, and rocked their 100 days of school shirts.

Check out some of the FUN they had:

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