Nutrition Tip from Sarah Remmer

Kids need snacks. These little “mini meals” in between meals (eating opportunities should be spaced out every 2-3 hours) help to fill nutritional gaps and provide energy between meals. Should snacking be an all-day grazing event?

NO. Should balanced snacks be offered between meals? Probably.

But what does a balanced snack look like? Well, I think of snacks sort of like little “mini meals” containing 2-3 different foods. It’s important to include a protein-rich food so that tummies can be satisfied for a good amount of time, and carbohydrate for energy and to help kids concentrate and focus.

So I suggest pairing a protein rich food with a fruit or vegetable AND/OR a whole grain or starch.

Here are some examples:

  1. Protein-rich blender muffin + blueberries
  2. Homemade trail mix (nuts/seeds, unsweetened dried fruit, whole grain cereal)
  3. Protein-rich granola bar + strawberries
  4. Hardboiled egg + peach
  5. Roasted chickpeas + crackers and cheese
  6. Cheese strings and length-wise cute grapes
  7. Watermelon “fingers” + proteins ball/bite
  8. Nut butter and banana tortilla wrap “sushi”
  9. Nectarine with yogurt dip
  10. Leftover pancake strips with cream cheese + hemp hearts
  11. Raw veggies, whole grain crackers and hummus
  12. Whole grain mini pitas + seed butter + jam
  13. Apple slices with cinnamon sprinkled on top of cheese cubes
  14. Leftover French toast or waffle strips with dip (greek yogurt + seed butter + honey)
  15. Apple + nut or seed butter
  16. Energy/protein balls + honeydew melon
  17. Mini Greek yogurt parfait
  18. *Chia pudding + pineapple
  19. Cottage Cheese + Cantaloupe
  20. Cucumber + tzatziki + wholegrain cookie

I hope you enjoy!

-Sarah Remmer