West Teacher 2

Our Teachers Are Here for YOU!

Everyday our teachers walk in with their masks on ready to create a fun and safe environment for their children. Our teachers are the “super hero” of childcare! Without our highly dedicated and trained teachers, we would not be the school we are today.

You can find our teachers showing off their pride in being a childcare provider in wearing their Heroes of 2020 #essentialworkers and Always Essential Childcare Providers t-shirts!

Throughout the day, you will find our teachers interacting with the children during large and small group time, sitting on the floor reading stories, joining in a child’s play as they build with blocks, or joining in with a group of children preparing a “meal” in the dramatic play areas. We pride ourselves on the high quality adult and child interactions that our teachers provide in their classrooms.

For the teachers at The Learning Tree, this is more than a j-o-b, this is a career, this is their passion. Not only do we provide the highest quality care, we provide the highest quality teachers.

See our full list of health and safety updates here: https://learningtreechildcare.com/covid-19-safety/

THANK YOU TEACHERS! We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for all of your hard work and dedication!