Howell Playground 14

Outside Time!

It’s time to go outside!
Here at The Learning Tree we live and breathe by our Core Values. An extension of our classrooms is our PLAYGROUND. 
We believe that our playgrounds and surrounding outdoor spaces are an extension of our classrooms and that is why our children go outside at least twice a day.
You will find the children and teachers bundled up in the winter time building snowmen, sledding, and just having fun in the snow.
While in the summer time, sunscreen is applied and water play begins! Enjoying time building in the sandbox, riding bikes with friends, running around in the splash pad, or just having fun in the sun!
You will often find teachers bringing their inside activities outside.  From reading their favorite books under a tree, to bringing out paint & paint brushes for art or serving  our healthy organic meals at our picnic tables!
We found that fresh air eliminates illnesses in our classrooms, allows children to sleep better, and offers experiences beyond their classroom walls.
Our playgrounds are surfaced with only the best fall surface materials.  Whether it is poured rubber or wood chips, we keep a close eye on the materials to ensure that proper depths are maintained. We adhere to the regulations established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for school.