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Reasons Behind Why We Choose An Organic Menu

One thing that we are truly proud of and believe in is our organic menus at all five of our Learning Tree locations! Not only are our organic menus delicious but they provide the proper nutrition for our children. We choose our food to come from the ground, which means we have to have trusted farmers who use healthy agricultural practices. So let’s take a little bit of a look at our reasoning behind why we choose an organic menu and why organic is important to us!

Organic foods are higher in antioxidants

It has been found in many studies and research that organic fruits, vegetables, and grains contain higher levels of antioxidants and lower level of pesticides, which when compared to other conventionally grown food you usually see the opposite in antioxidant and pesticide levels. With that being said, our bodies need higher antioxidant levels because it helps heal diseases and also helps reverse the signs of aging.

Being a child care center having these higher levels of antioxidants can be very important to help fight off different illnesses that come through our center, especially during flu season!

Organic produce tastes better

Our centers promote healthy living with nutritious foods. However, it can be hard to get children especially to eat certain foods! Therefore, with our highly trained and amazing chefs this helps create every single meal taste fresh and delicious! Children won’t even notice that something is organic fruits and vegetables. It will taste so good they may not know the difference between something fried in oils vs. sauteed in healthy oils. With that being said, organic produce sure does taste better!

Organic foods are better for our well being

When growing food you have to use certain chemicals to help the process work. In conventional agricultural practices they use certain chemicals that are harmful for our bodies. However, when organic foods are grown there are different practices that are involved where they do not use any type of chemical that will be harmful. Therefore, ingesting organic foods has less of a chance in ingesting harmful chemicals, therefore organic foods promote a healthy well being.

Organic foods are better for our planet

The chemicals that are in conventional agricultural practices are very harmful for not only your body but also the planet. Just by seeing the negative impacts these chemicals have on your body, there is no different impact on our planet. So by having these organic practices will not only help ourselves but it will also help keep our planet and air more clean and healthy.

Overall, here at The Learning Tree we believe in our chef-planned, homemade, organic menu that will provide your children with optimal health and wellness.

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