Recycled Crayons! Ms. Emily at LT-Howell

Here are The Learning Tree, we are celebrate Earth Day everyday by living and teaching a green lifestyle. Our teachers create lesson plans that follow our core values and we are excited to share with you a special project Ms. Emily from Learning Tree-Howell has been doing.

Ms. Emily thought outside of the box and asked families to donate any used crayons that they were ready to throw away. She then took these crayons and create a beautiful fun shaped crayons that mixed multiple colors together.

Emily had such a fun time doing this project and families and teachers at LT-Howell have been loving her creations as she gifts other teachers and families with these crayons. Emily would love to share with you the process of how she did this to give your family something fun to do on a cold, rainy/snowy day!

Steps to Create Recycled Crayons: 

First, start by organizing your crayons by color in different containers

Next, take the wrapping off your crayons and using scissors cut your crayons into smaller pieces (about 1″ pieces) and place into mods that are silicon and oven safe! Put whatever colors together to create the new crayons of your choosing!

Next, place the crayons in the oven at 275 F. and bake for 7-8 minutes. Let the crayons cool completely before taking them out of their molds.

After your crayons have cooled, its time to take them out and use them however you may choose! We hope this is a fun activity for you and your family to do at home. We are so grateful for Ms. Emily for sharing her creative an special activity!