St. Patrick’s Day Activities To Do At Home

We are just a few weeks away from St. Patrick’s Day and we would love to share some ideas with you to get into the holiday spirit at home with your family. Here are The Learning Tree we have a fun event planned that we are excited to share with our families very soon 🙂 We love celebrating all the different holiday’s with our LT families that we wanted to share some of the FUN with you at home.

Here are 5 Crafts/Activities for your families to enjoy together at home:

Shamrock Toilet Paper Roll Stamp

Materials Needed: tape, construction paper, toilet paper roll, and paint

All you need to do is tape the toilet paper holder so it is in the shape of a heart. You will then dip one of the ends of the toilet paper roll into paint and start creating your shamrock. You can then use the paint and any other materials you would like to decorate your shamrock!


Shamrock Footprint 

Materials: Construction paper, paint and your own feet!

All you will need to do is place your child’s foot into the paint and start creating your adorable shamrock footprint picture!


Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

Materials needed: construction paper, paper plate, glue, scissors, and cotton balls

All you will need to do is cut your paper plate in half then cut the construction paper that are the different colors of the rainbow and glue them onto the back of the plate. On the front of the plate you will begin to glue all the cotton balls to create your cloud! Once everything is dry you have your awesome paper plate rainbow and can start to decorate your home for St. Patrick’s Day!


Paper Plate Leprechaun Craft 

Materials needed: paper plate, markers, paint, glue, and construction paper.

Place your paper plate on your crafting surface and paint the outside of the plate orange. While your paint is drying cut your construction paper into your leprechauns hat. Use glue to add the black and yellow hat strap pieces if you desire. Once the paint dries, you will then glue the hat to the top of your paper plate. The final step is to draw your leprechauns face with markers however you would like!


Cupcake Liner Shamrock’s

Materials needed: construction paper, food color, cupcake liners, scissors, glue

All you will need to do is cut your cupcake liners into shamrocks then glue them onto your construction paper. Once you glue your shamrocks down, take the food coloring and beginning designing your shamrocks!


We hope these activities get you and your family into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit and have a little holiday fun at home together!