Staff Highlight! LT South Lyon, Marla Sherman

Hello! My name is Marla Sherman and I am currently the Interim Lead Infant Teacher at The Learning Tree South Lyon! I have been working at the Learning Tree for around four months now, and I absolutely love it!

My love for early childhood education began in my teens when I began working at an in-home daycare run by my neighbor. This opportunity really shaped my passion for education, as well as my love for caring for young kids. After working as a nanny and at multiple daycares, I decided to go into education as a career. I graduated from Michigan State University in December of 2018 with a degree in History Education. This degree combined my love for education and history all in one! Following graduation I began working at my aunt’s daycare and it reminded me of how much I love working with younger children.

After working part time in another daycare and in food service, I was contacted by the Learning Tree South Lyon for an interview! I was so excited! I remember walking into the building that September morning for the interview, and there was such a warm and welcoming feeling. When I found out I had gotten the job of Assistant Toddler Teacher, I was smiling ear to ear!

After a few weeks of working here, I was approached by Paula about taking on the role of Social Media Resident Expert. I love that I get to send families fun updates about what is going at our center! Recently, I have taken on the role of Interim Lead Infant Teacher. I am so excited about this new role, and I love everything about it!

I am honored and thankful for being given the opportunity to grow in the Learning Tree. There are so many things to love about working at the Learning Tree, but the thing I love the most is the friendships that you make with co-workers, kids, and families! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the Learning Tree family!


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We've fought a good fight and feel its the safest option to close for two weeks. We love our families, teachers and the community! We will be closed starting Monday, March 23rd with plans to re open Monday, April 6th. Be sure to check our Facebook pages for more updates along the way!