2020 North 1

Thank you for the memories 2020!

This past year has been one for the books for all of us. Our team has learned a lot, tried new things and always saw the light at the end of the tunnel when faced with many, new challenges!
We have all become much more tech savvy in 2020; zoom-ing with children, teachers and each other.  We have learned the best way possible to support virtual learning for our school agers, we have learned ourselves to make videos and take loads of photos to share while parents are not able to be inside our classrooms.  We have also kept our website updated along the way.
We have stepped up our cleaning procedures and researched the healthiest, most effective ways to clean, sanitize and disinfect.  We have deep cleaned over and over to keep our centers looking and feeling brand new.  Our ZONOs have always been put to good use, but they now are one of our most prized possessions in keeping everyone healthy.

We have welcomed many new families and revamped our tours to make parents and children feel welcomed and comfortable.  We have also welcomed new teachers and have revamped our interview & orientation process.  We have found many occasions to celebrate and cheer on our team of essential workers in 2020.  We have relied on email memos and in person- social distanced, masked up support & encouragement.
Our teachers have embraced all of our health and safety procedures from our Covid-19 response plan.  We applaud our, always essential, teachers for wearing their masks to implement curriculum with the most positive interactions.  We created weekly awards such as; Masked Marvel, Sanitizing Superstar, Cleaning Crusader and Handwashing Hero.  Their hard work does not go unnoticed!
Most importantly, we continue to create memories with your children.  Your children have continued a healthy routine and have adapted exceptionally well to added handwashing throughout their day and their teachers wearing masks.  To the children who wear masks, we applaud them (and you!) for this.  We are so grateful we are in the early childhood field to create memories with children in 2020, they definitely made these times much more enjoyable for our team!
Thank you for being part of our 2020 memories.  We have so much to be proud of!  We are so grateful for our families continued trust and support. We can’t wait to kick off 2021 with you!