Thanksgiving and Toddlers!

Thanksgiving is this week and our center couldn’t be more excited! Are you heading into the Thanksgiving day with a new toddler?! Are you getting a little nervous about hosting a big family gathering and nervous your toddler won’t love the day?

Toddlers, as great and as cute as they are, sometimes aren’t the most grateful for party guests. We highly recommended that you have a well-thought-out plan for dealing with them and keeping the bad behavior away on the big day! Therefore, let’s take a look at a few strategies for you to do that!

  • Prepare your toddler for the big day
    • Some toddlers may get anxiety or stressed to get out of their normal daily routine. So having them put on their thanksgiving outfit may be a little tough. So if you take the time to talk through the days schedule and try to explain to them what thanksgiving means, this could help! Discuss what you are thankful for, read books about the holiday, etc. A little mental preparation can go along way!
  • Pack/prepare your child’s regular snacks 
    • If you are hosting or going to a party… we all know that the turkey is never really on time! And that is okay, but it may make for an angry/hungry toddler! So if you are either hosting or going somewhere be sure to make a snack ready to hand to your toddler from your fridge or packed in your bag to hand them right when they get upset! Keeping the full and happy will avoid some stress for the holiday!
  • Have/take a backup meal 
    • Well the turkey and side dishes are ready! But, your toddler does not like what is being served! Uh oh! This is going to lead to a very long rest of the day and a sad/hungry toddler! With that being said, to avoid this… pack a back up meal that you know they like! Maybe even back them their FAVORITE meal! This will keep them full and happy and say goodbye to holiday stress and hungry toddler! 🙂
  • Let it go 
    • As you all probably know by know… plans don’t always go as planned. So it is important to just take one step back and just let it go. If they refuse to play a game, eat some food, try to watch a movie the whole time, etc. just take a breathe and let it go! It is just one day and everyone around you is just happy to see you and your toddler!
  • Have a nap planned ahead of time, and stick to the plan 
    • Having a nap plan ahead of time is key! Also, making sure your kiddo knows at a certain time they will be taking a nap will help with the angry toddler having to go down. Let them know what will happen after their nap to have an easier time going down. Make it something fun and exciting… maybe its the Thanksgiving dessert, Thanksgiving crafts or games, etc. Also, be sure to know of a quiet place either in your home or your guests home before nap time!
  • Keep your toddler happily occupied 
    • Thanksgiving is a great time for adults to catch up with close family and friends, but remember you have a toddler who may not let you do that! Which is okay! But if you have a plan ahead of time, you may just get that adult time! Have some of their favorite games, crafts, toys, etc. with you to have them stay occupied and happy when you are trying to catch up with friends and relatives!
  • Bring a change of clothes
    • We all know that toddlers like to have fun and get messy! But they are wearing their cute Thanksgiving outfit!!! Oh no! Do not let this be one of your stressful moments of the day… be sure to pack another outfit that is just as cute as the first! A change of clothes may save the day!

Well, there are just a few of our tips to survive thanksgiving with a toddler! Comment below some of your tips to survive a stressful holiday with your toddler!