TLT 105

What’s Cooking in Our Kitchen!

Here are The Learning Tree we believe in only the freshest ingredients when our full-time chefs are preparing homemade meals for the children.

We believe that giving children healthy choices and positive mealtime experiences when it comes to food at an early age, will help develop and keep a healthy lifestyle as they get older.

Our chefs prepare all of our meals fresh and homemade. You will never find a can food item in our kitchen! We serve seasonally fresh organic fruits & vegetables, organic whole and skim milk, organic eggs and organic chicken to our children. Our homemade meals and snacks exceed the requirements dictated by USAD for child care programs.

All meals on our menu are prepared DAILY by our chefs. We are proud to have real chefs with a culinary background and/or training. Our chefs are committed and live by our Core Values and serving the children the healthiest food possible.

Check out our menu and see the variety of healthy meals we have. We provide families with a two week menu, so they know ahead of time what their children will be eating!

Click here to see our menu!

We believe in family style dining, however, due to COVID-19 we are serving all our snacks and meals individually to help ensure the health and safety of our children and employees.

Overall, we have put a lot of thought into our menus so that children learn to love real, pure foods. Busy parents are at ease knowing their child is eating the healthiest foods while in our care.

If you are interested in enrolling or have any questions regarding our menu or program, please email our enrollment specialist at