Readloud Allages

Why Reading Aloud Is Important

When it comes to early education, reading aloud can be a very helpful and useful tool to help develop your child’s education. Reading aloud is a great way to also engage as an adult with young children to get that adult to child interaction.

Not only does it give you the adult to child interaction but reading aloud also promotes language development and early literacy skills. It allow children to experience book handling and naming, understanding how certain stories work, recognition of sounds and letters, knowledge of a wide range of vocabulary and learning the ability to sit and listen. There are so many lessons you can learn from reading aloud and it doesn’t necessarily have to be learning how to read.

Here are a few skills that children begin to learn through reading aloud:

  • Builds motivation
  • Builds curiosity
  • Builds memory
  • Helps children cope during times of stress and anxiety
  • Takes children to places and times that they have never been – which enlarges and enhances their own personal worlds.
  • Creates a positive association with books and reading

Overall, reading aloud is a great way to interact and teach children to learn at such a young age. It opens up their minds in ways that you can’t with just toys or crafts. One huge thing that reading aloud teaches them is memory – when they hear a book that they absolutely loved they will remember exactly what was in that story and they can point that book out wherever they are. With that being said, reading aloud is truly amazing to a child’s development!


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